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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?

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  Last weekend my niece was too insistent, asking me to accompany her to an exhibition at her Design School. She believed that I will be taken aback by the remarkable design projects of fresh grads and trust me I did not regret my approval. However, looking at the creative artpieces of those young chaps ...


I won’t start this post listing the advantages a well designed business card contributes to a business. We all strive to represent ourselves and our brands in such an impressive way that people remember us for the lifetime. Whenever, we want to get an outstanding business card designed for our business, we look for skilled graphic designers. But have you ever wondered, how extraordinary ...


Author Name: Jahangir aghaPost Category: Tips for Graphic DesignersMay be you find this kind of tutorial on other sites but I have written it myself for the first time This is what we are going to design: [B]Step 1:[/B] Create a new document of any size and draw a circle in there. Step 2: Ctrl + Click the layer to make the selection and choose the Polygonal Lasso Tool and also choose the “Substract From Selection” Tool from the top menu Step 3: Now cut ...

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