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After the chaos created on internet in 2007 by the release of terrible London 2012 logo (a 'branding' that cost £400,000) once again Olympic logos are the hot topic. Two months from now, on 2 October 2009, the International Olympic Committee will announce the host city for the 2016 Summer Olympics at a secret ballot. Therefore, today I have compiled 7 new logos of cities applying for the 2016 Summer Olympics. ...


Creating logo designs is not a big deal anymore, anyone can do it but what makes them different is your creative approach. Every designer wants his artwork to stand exclusively so people remember it in the long run. To achieve this goal always think out of the box and come up with brilliant creations. Specifically, while logo designing, try to be conceptual and utilize exclusive trends for your designs such ...


Author Name: Stephen Kui Post Category: Tips for Graphic Designers Flash can be an exciting, interactive element to a web site, or it can be a viewer's worst nightmare. Using flash effectively depends on how you utilize the content and how obtrusive to the rest of the site it is. Here's how to make the most of flash if you must use it, and why not to use flash in some cases. What Flash Does for Users No doubt about it. ...


Author Name: Stephen Kui Post Category: Tips for Graphic Designers Text-based logos aren't a bad idea at all, and as a matter of fact are much easier to make. They can also brand your name better than most vector or image-based logos. So here's an easy tutorial for a fantastic logo in 7 steps. We will be making this logo: Step 1. Start the logo with an elegant font. In this case, we'll be using the Rage Italic font, because it's clear enough to ...


Author Name: Stephen Kui Post Category: Tips for Graphic Designers Anyone who's ever tried rendering hair knows it's a hassle. However, it's much easier than most people know, because Photoshop comes enclosed with an algorithm that makes it all easy. Here's how to perfectly render hair. We'll start with this image. As you can see, the hair is very intricate, and would be near-impossible to render with an eraser or the pen tool. First, what we need to do is make a copy of ...


Last week, when the news rotated that twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams’ wife has been tweeting her way through labor... I was assured of twitter mania once again. This piece of news reminded me of my last twitter post where I compiled “20 Creative Twitter backgrounds & 10 Graphic Designers to follow” where I had asked all my readers to drop their creative profile links. The response was huge with loads of comments, tweets and diggs. So here ...


Author Name: Stephen KuiPost Category: Tips for Graphic DesignersWith this tutorial we'll learn how to turn an ordinary forest scene into this dynamic one with amazing lighting effects that can be used in just about anything, especially fantasy manipulations or montages. We'll begin with this rather ordinary, drab photo in a forest. Now that we've gotten our original image to manipulate, we can play around with some settings. Since we're going to be adding and changing the light source and lighting ...

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