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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?

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  Two more days to go for Christmas and till yesterday I was totally blank about a Christmas post on Graphic Design Blog. Lost in my thoughts I started browsing twitter and was welcomed by numerous tweets of Christmas posts. The list made me realize there was no exciting topic left to be compiled for my ...


While working on net, there are so many things which make us loose our concentration and it becomes more difficult if you are a freelance graphic designer. The overly hyped social media has made it more challenging to achieve maximum targets in limited time. Don’t get me wrong when I blame “social media” here, I have given my reasons below ;) Actually, I personally believe social media to be ...


  Is it important that every time we talk about logo designing, we should do it seriously? Don't get me wrong here…I don't aim to underestimate the value of logo designing. But, all the logo design topics available on net reveal it as an unexciting and boring industry. We ignore the multiple aspects of logo ...


  “Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. “   Norman Vincent Peale Christmas is just around the corner … only 16 Days, 18 Hours and 27 minutes left to its arrival. Everyone is busy shopping, planning ...


  Many times you design a logo with utmost concentration, putting in all your creative instincts but unluckily final results don’t turn out to be exceptional. But with the growing logo awareness, the competition has become tough and our logo design needs to be perfect…no room for mistakes. I am sure almost every logo designer ...


  One has to agree…within last few years advertising industry has manifestly overtaken the media world. Today print ads are conveying big messages to the world in an impressive and unforgettable manner. I believe print ads to be one of the fastest ways to attract potential customers but if they are not interesting or memorable, ...

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