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Author Name: Jodi SalisburyPost Category: General Graphic DesignOne of the things that entrepreneurs learn in their ventures is that they must learn how to deal with objections. I can say from experience that it is very easy to get discouraged when the product or service we hope to impress upon others does quite the opposite of our intentions. As a freelance artist, I tend to wonder if it is easier to take objections personally, because, at that point it isn’t so ...


  Encountering problems in graphic design is customary but finding a quick solution remains an issue. Sometimes even the most talented graphic designers get caught in a quandary. Even if he does manage to work out the remedy, solution to one problem gives way to another :-D To answer the ...


  Have you ever wondered why we yell out for “Mc Donald’s” when out for lunch and opt for “Fedex” to send over a courier? It’s the strong and catchy advertisement of these brands which have overpowered our minds. Advertisement is not about creating a boring manual of a product but to say the innovative ...


  No matter how old I get my affinity with the cartoon world never dies. And I am sure almost every one of you share the same feelings. After all who wants to say they’ve grown “too old” for cartoons, isn’t it??? ;) As a graphics designer and a cartoon enthusiast, I ...


  You have done a diploma in Logo designing, fair enough? Everyone can earn a degree, but only seldom are truly talented in the art of developing a successful Logo Design. You can possess the design degree and the tools for logo designing but none of it can ignite the passion to become a logo designer. ...


  A warm hello to all my blog readers….Today I take pride to announce an exclusive new feature of my Graphic Design Blog. Yes my friends, I am too excited to introduce my blog’s “Logo Design Gallery” with you all, which would allow talented logo designers to share their creative art pieces with the ...


  Let's start with a matter how delicious you cook but if your food dish is not presentable, no one is going to taste it. Similarly, despite your amazing business services, your clients won’t be interested in contacting you until you get yourself noticed. Our desperation ...

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