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  With the passage of time, logo design categories have expanded comprehensively. Every now and then, creative graphic designers come up with a unique logo design that leads to a new trend. Undoubtedly, as the number of logo designers increases, more innovative and novel logo design practices will be introduced ...


  In this highly developed and advanced world of graphic design, softwares like Photoshop and Corel Draw are a blessing for graphic designers. Almost all forms of graphical material that is published, be it print ads, news clippings, photos, movie posters or magazine covers, are created using the magical techniques of Photoshop. ...


  With the growing challenges of graphic designing, social media is a becoming a necessity for every graphic designer. Nowadays, every industry is shifting its focus towards social media for its publicity and promotion and the graphic design industry is no exception. But like every other technology that has been invented, social media has ...


Image Source   A logo design should always be shaped keeping the purpose in mind. An effective logo design is one that can portray the essence of the business in a graphically creative manner. While many businesses are associated with many consumer goods like cosmetics, sports and ...


Twitter is the hottest social media network on the blogosphere. It enables people to connect with others all over the world with ease. Twitter serves as a wonderful platform for people of the same field to meet and connect. Likewise, the Graphic Design community is also benefited through the social networking of twitter. Graphic designers from all over the globe can find their counterparts on twitter and share their graphic design expertise. But the question ...


  Animation is about creating the illusion of life. And you can't create it if you don't have one. ...


After spending some years in graphic design industry, couple of questions bewildered me the most… How much a graphic designer should be paid? On what criteria should he be paid? Although I confess that I joined the design field for the sheer pleasure and obsession, but then again, a person has to make ends meet as well. Right from my first ever project, I have continuously pondered on the subject of wages for graphic designers ...

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