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Graphic design is not merely known for its creative element, but also acclaimed for its trait of being an attractive and enjoyable field. Undoubtedly, when we talk about the graphic design world, there are lots of fun facts to be heard. While some stories are heard more often, some still remain unknown to many people. While running a casual research on the history and origins of graphic design, reading ...


  Isn’t it just frustrating to hear blunt criticism after weeks of toiling and sweating over a design project? You may be thinking “all the trouble I’ve been through and this is what I get?” But dread not, as criticism is normal and graphic designers are prone to criticism from their clients. And why not? ...


  While there are numerous irrational squabbles going over the subject of “online logo design contests”, one can’t deny the rapidly changing logo design trends. A handful of designers, adverse to the concept of design contests, are lamenting over the emergence of this unique trend. This is because many famous corporations are opting for these online contests to get ...


  Graphic design can never be contemplated as a dull and lackluster endeavor. This is one field that has virtually no bounds. The best part about graphic design is that the graphic designer has the power to manipulate. Graphic designing gives you the freedom to follow your own conventions and style without being bound by ...


  With the rapid development of media and promotion, advertising is almost impossible to avoid. Simply put, advertising is everywhere.  The graphic design field has significantly helped in development of advertising. Long gone are the days when advertisers did not have the tools for executing their ideas. With graphic design software, print advertisements can now ...


No doubt graphic designing is an exciting and enjoyable profession. Still, graphic designers sometimes face creative hitches. No matter how much we engross ourselves in our graphic design work, avoiding boredom and stress in not easy. For a profession like graphic designing, overcoming the creative block is essential. Graphic designers are energetic at start, but as the day progresses, the creative energy level drops down. Annoyed by this problem, I set out ...

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