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  In my last week post titled “Tete-a-tete with top graphic designers –The first episode!”, I featured the replies by Chris Spooner, Jacob Cass and Sneh Roy. As anticipated, the response received was both positive and appreciative. The readers got to learn interesting tidbits about graphic design and helpful tips on how to tackle clients Once again, ...


  In the corporate world, a logo redesign is a two-pronged exercise. In simple words, it has its share of merits and demerits. On the positive side, a logo redesign can help build credibility and strengthen brand identity. While on the negative part, it can play a role in disrupting the image of the company. ...


Telling the evident difference between day and night photography is surely useless. The former is a fight with the sunshine, while in the latter mode, you have to battle against the darkness. In either mode, the task of a photographer is to effectively exploit the surroundings to his advantage. Although it is true that professional photography heavily relies on the equipment used, but the essence of a photograph lies ...


The graphic design industry is blessed with immense talent and several contemporary graphic designers emerging every now and then. The best part of this industry is that it is a community, carved with mutual co-operation and sharing. When a logo guru shares his experiences, others get to learn from his achievements and mistakes. Today, I will feature three of the six interviews (featuring Chris Spooner, Jacob Cass and Sneh Roy) I conducted with ...


There is a misconception about graphic designing; people think it to be as easy as a pie. Is it really so? For one, my mother makes great pies but doesn’t know a thing about graphic design :-D. On a serious note, graphic designing is a professional field and requires specialization to perform. Working as a professional, one expects premium payment as well. Consider the case of doctors…why are they highly paid? It is because they ...


  Hey folks! I proudly welcome you all to witness the transformation of from the all colorful facade to the eternal black and white theme. The earlier vibrant and colorful theme has hung on successfully since January 2009 and has been admired by many of our visitors. But I kind of got bored with ...

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