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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?

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  While watching the FIFA World Cup do-or-die match between USA and Algeria, a strange thought clicked my mind....that we graphic designers are like footballers. Although not similar in every aspect, but there are few prominent resemblances between the two professions. While football (soccer) is a game of creative skills and exceptional ability to produce ...


  The FIFA World Cup 2010 is at full stretch as nearly half of the group stage matches have already taken place. As a graphic designer and a football fanatic myself, I decided to collect the most spectacular graphic design related material created especially for the World Cup. Today’s compilation includes the official ...


  Just like all five fingers of the human hand are not the same, all graphic designers are unalike. The field of graphic design is blessed with immense designers, each endowed with a unique talent. All designers have their own style of working, thought processes, likes and dislikes and above all their own distinctive personality. ...


  Every piece of art is worth eulogizing, irrespective of the way it is created. One of the most exciting and controversial forms of artwork is making caricatures. Caricature by definition is an image that distorts the attributes of a person or thing to create a humorous imitation. The idea is to exaggerate the prominent ...


  No matter what field you are in, be it graphic design, you must know how to tackle difficult clients. But there is a vast difference in handling a male client and a female client. Now don’t get me wrong here, I do not intend to lay down a gender prejudice here. What I intend to establish is which clients are more ...


Photoshop is every graphic designer’s launch pad towards professional designing. The power of Photoshop manipulation is inconceivable. Every day we observe heaps of celebrity photos, snaps and conceptual print ads that are professionally buffed through Photoshop to make them acceptable on screen. However, there is a distinction between a Photoshopped snap and a photography snap. ...

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