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How much to charge clients is every graphic designers concern. You charge excessively, they might not hire you. You bill them under-par, they might consider you as a cheap designer. For this reason, the perfect fee range should be determined beforehand. There comes in every graphic designer’s mind a question…Are we truly valued and paid? This query ensue a series of questions like ‘How much a graphic designer should be paid?’ and ’On ...


  Being a graphic designer, 3D technology amazes me the most. Like many gaming fans, I was filled with elation and excitement when NVIDIA first launched its GeForce 3D Vision glasses. The gaming experience provided by the glasses is speechless. It’s almost as if you’re actually in the game. Experiencing reality in gaming has never ...


Last year, I did a post on impressive graphic designer portfolios…till now the response has been remarkable with evident keenness of my readers to submit their own portfolios. In response to that and in line with the growing demand of portfolio submissions from graphic designers, GDB decided to launch its very own “Submit Your Portfolio” section. This will provide all graphic designers the opportunity they require to exhibit their creative collections to the graphic ...


  We all know giant multinationals and famous brands invest heavily in their brand identity design. But most of the time costs incurred are kept a secret. Bear in mind that a rebranding cost is entirely different from the cost of a logo redesign. A complete rebranding includes changes to the logo design, package ...


  For graphic designers, clients are everything. And why wouldn’t they? They are the chief source of revenue and income for designers. But no graphic designer is willing to sell his pride and prestige for any money. Designers get paid to work on graphic design projects and not listen to demeaning comments from clients. Although ...


  I sincerely loathe remembering my math classes as they always remind me of the heaps of numbers and statistics involved in it. I was never really a big fan of numbers and figures. But the field of graphic design made my worries easier. You must be wondering how graphic designing helped me in my data analyzing dilemma. Well…the answer is ...


  With the advent of DIY online tools, the job has become quite easy for people to create their own logo designs and websites. Self reliance is the tool that every businessman is seeking, especially if you are an entrepreneur. And what greater thing it is to create a personalized website for FREE? is ...

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