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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?

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  Until few years back, the design community was not very vast and offered limited options. But soon after the advent of crowdsourcing, the field of graphic design has literally burst with endless alternatives for business owners and grphic/logo designers. With companies turning their attention to design contests, several crowdsourcing sites have come into ...


  Last month, I wrote a post on bad client types that designers should be avoiding. I received a fairly good response from my readers, which included both clients and graphic designers. Of the several comments, some asked me if I was being biased by writing only about bad clients. This clicked me with the idea of discussing the ...


    It is always fun to create interesting and humorous T-shirt designs. Also, I see it as an effective technique of expressing one’s views and opinion to the community, at large. When you wear a t-shirt with a quote or special message, it becomes an effective source to ...


  When you are running a full-fledged website or a blog, every page counts…even the invalid ones. Presentation forms an integral part in making a blog successful. Error pages are a common phenomenon to encounter on every website or blog. Either the viewer clicks on a broken link or inadvertently types an incorrect URL they ...


  Most clients consider graphic designers to be magicians who can come up with creative ideas with a swish of their wands. But the reality is otherwise. Thinking of an original design idea isn’t magic that can be whipped up in a matter of seconds. It entails an entire and elaborative procedure of transporting the idea from the designer’s brain to its final ...

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