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Finally, Christmas holidays are over...and so are all my holiday-time client projects. Even though the holiday season is the most awaited time of the year but for me and surely other graphic designers , it’s merely hassle. I mean what’s the point of having holidays when you have to toil and sweat in these days too? Holidays are meant to provide joy, happiness ...


A family holiday, a child’s first step, graduation day, Christmas celebration….these are some of the most precious moments that everyone loves to cherish forever. And what better way to do that by getting it printed and framed on your wall for absolutely FREE? Yes! That’s right, in collaboration with is providing a chance for you to capture your ...


Christmas is right around the corner and with Christmas comes the chilliest season of the year…WINTER. Some people consider winter to be a boring and dreadful season, while others seem to enjoy the chills and thrills of the cold weather. Nevertheless, it gives a great opportunity for photographers to take out their equipment in the open and capture the frozen moments ...


Ignorance is a dilemma that many newbie graphic designers face in the starting of their careers. Their lack of knowledge about a particular aspect of design is often taken negatively. While there is no arguing the fact that one should be well equipped and educated in order to excel in life, ignorance should not be considered a folly.   ...


Being in the graphic design field, I have always been intrigued to learn about various forms of artwork. Lately I came across a concept that left me spellbound…Shadow Art. Shadow Art has its root from the art of shadowgraphy, a skill of creating images using hand shadows. This technique was commonly used in Far East countries like China in shows to ...


Another year has come to a close as we bid farewell to 2011. With every New Year come new Resolutions and promises. Some people embrace the concept of making New Year Resolutions while other avert the concept altogether. Nonetheless, I personally believe that it is a constructive exercise from the perspective of a graphic designer. ...


  Creating a blog is easy. But to build and sustain an online platform with a reputable image and devoted fan following is extremely difficult. I myself have endured various hardships and difficulties while establishing and directing to where it is now. This is because you don’t just have to create a web blog. ...

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