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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?

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    I remember my first client meeting…even though it was quite long time back, but the whole episode is still a distinct memory. Not because it was my very first client meeting, but the anxiety and nervousness that besieged me was unforgettable. Trembling hands, shaky knees and sweaty ...


  We all have heard the proverbial phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”. But what I am about to showcase today needs a new expression…“A picture in worth a thousand pictures.” Yes folks, I’m talking about visual images that show pictures within a picture. Also known as optical illusions, this technique tests the human mind to figure out odd and ...


    Hey GDB Readers, Want to get a link on GDB for your website/blog and that also for FREE … no bargaining, no budget :) It’s simple…just comment and win yourself a link. Yes folks, it’s really that easy. All ...


Creating artworks using traditional and conservative formats isn’t such a big deal these days. A true artist is one who can create an artwork out of nothing, someone who has the creative ability and talent to put life into dull objects. One such artist that lives amongst us is Terry Border, who creates fascinating bent objects using metallic wires and other ...


There has been a longstanding debate on whether graphic designers should follow design trends or pursue their own design aesthetics. Some people profess that creating a trendy design will make a sudden impact on the market since it is in vogue. These trend enthusiasts are of the view that a particular design that is in style will appeal to the target ...


Nowadays, business cards are considered old-fashioned for business promotion. However, the fact is, no matter how old school business cards maybe, they still prove to be a highly effective promotional tool. Some graphic designers stutter at first meeting with clients and expect them to break the ice. This is where business cards serve as icebreakers to start up a conversation with ...

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