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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?

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  Typography is an integral aspect of designing and a graphic designer requires meticulous knowledge to work on it. Selection of fonts can make or break a typographic design. There are several impending questions that should be answered before you start with a typography project… like what family of font should be employed? Should you use Upper or Lower casing letters? All ...


“I want something out of the ordinary so think out-of-the-box”…I’m sure all the graphic designers are familiar with this common client statement. Almost every client wants his design to be ‘special’ and ‘out of the box’ even though they have no clue of what exactly they want. Being loyal to their clients, graphic designers attempt to come up with the weirdest ...


Typography is an integral part of visual arts and is executed by creative professionals like graphic designers, art directors, comic book artists and graffiti artists. There is a general misconception that typography is, similar and easy as writing. But in reality, the arrangement of typeset ...


Do you have a wall at home that is messy and dirty but don’t have the funds to repaint it? Want to hide it with something neat and cool? Then try ‘Sticker Designs’. Being a graphic designer is not only rewarding, it is also entertaining and comes in handy. So if you are a designer, then this shouldn’t be a big deal ...


Being famous in the community is every graphic designer’s ultimate dream. To be recognized all over the world for your creative talent is an accomplishment in itself. This is probably one of the several reasons why you became a graphic designer. But to fame and reputation isn’t just up for grabs. You have to earn it the right way and sustain it the hard ...

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