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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?

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Have you ever come across a time when your creative juices stop flowing? Yes, I’m referring to that moment when you try so hard but fail to conceive a creative idea. But this doesn’t happen all of a sudden, does it? There is always a reason behind this abrupt dearth of creativity. Even the slightest of distraction can ruin a ...


Cartoons are a momentous part of everybody’s childhood memories. No matter how old you are, you cannot grow too old for cartoons. Famous animation studios like Walt Disney and Cartoon Network have created some of the most epic and iconic cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Cinderella that have etched into our minds for eternity. ...


Before you jump to any conclusions, let me make it clear that my intentions are not to shatter your dreams of starting your very own graphic design business. On the contrary, I wish to explore the downsides of being an independent graphic designer by launching your ...


Being a graphic designer, I love being surrounded by innovative and artistic objects. Right from my bedroom to the workplace, I always keep the ambiance adorned with elements of graphic design. While surfing on the internet, I came across a humorous yet brilliant artwork that ...


  Hey GDB Readers After the success of our previous comment contest, we have decided that it is time for yet another contest for our esteemed readers. So if you missed your chance ...


  There was this design client of mine who approached me in the middle of the project and said, “The design is great. Could you just make the font bigger? I asked what font size would he like me to use on which he raised his index finger and replied, “This big!”I’m sure most of designers are familiar with this ordeal of facing bad ...

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