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  I have always believed that children cartoons are a wicked medium of self-expression to represent the human psychology. A child learns the standard human behavior with the help of these visual mediums just as he acquires the linguistic competence by imitating the sounds he hears in his surroundings. ...


  It’s Christmas time and the year 2012 is almost at its end. In design industry, visuals haled a central position in all the social media boom this year. Infographics, 3D photography, photo of the day platforms, and graphic posters remained en vogue throughout. From the special ...


  As the 21st December 2012 is nearing up, people are getting more and more disillusioned with the idea of an apocalypse occurring within a couple of days from now. Homo sapiens have the ability and strength to explore the realms of all spiritual and scientific possibilities and it is considered a mark of an ...


  Graphic designers, whether amateurs or professionals, are always on a look out for good design resources that may prove handy in their time of need and be valuable for their work. One can find various free applications online both for their workstations and mobile phones (since you have to be ...


  Just like some people are addicted to smoking, some graphic designers are addicted to smoke effects in their designs, be it photos or typography. These effects do make the text look surreal and mysterious, appealing to the dark and sensuous side of human mind. It is one of those effects ...

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