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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?

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    The Blow Job portraits that the Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern presented last year proved to be viral. All he did was conceptual photography where people volunteered to sit in front of a leaf blower and let ...


  Dealing with graphic design clients can be a tricky business if you are meeting them for the first time. It could be even more cumbersome if they are unfamiliar with the design process. However, nothing compares to the hassle a clients puts you through if he is unorganized and/or unprepared. ...


  We all have seen flashy and tragic Hollywood movies of the world apocalypse and doomsday conspiracies. Yet, none of us are ever ready to face the real deal when it hits us, whether in the form of earthquakes, floods or volcanic eruptions.   ...


  Food holds the power to enchant us. It appeals to all our senses but merely the presence of food is not enough sometimes. The real beauty lies in its presentation. Chefs spend hours in the kitchen, and when you consistently do the same work it tends to get tedious. To get over the boredom and honing their skills, ...


  Resumes are the first step towards creating a long lasting impression on your prospective employer and by long lasting I certainly mean a good one! Bad impressions don’t stay in the mind of employers for more than a few seconds. Many talented and hardworking designers find their CVs’ rotting in a dustbin. This is common particularly between amateur ...


  Website icons are little guide signs that help us navigate through a website. They are little windows that give u a peep into what you’re about to do and the options that could be performed. There are many customized icon font sets available to cater to everyone’s personalized needs but there are also many free icon sets that ...


  The field of sculpture gives the artist an abundance of choices regarding material. From stone to glass, metal to ice, there is no dearth of options for anyone who knows the skill of moulding a substance to create something entirely new. Wire ...

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