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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?

One thing that makes human beings different from animals is the ability to think….both, rationally and emotionally. When animals can exhibit acts of compassion, then why can’t we as care for our fellow beings? As graphic designers, I feel that it is our duty to contribute in all ways possible for people in distress.

Last week, I had a pleasant encounter with Shonali Burke, an inspiring Social Media Enthusiast, actively working for the betterment of refugees in the world. An independent consultant and business communicator by profession, Shonali has been working with USA for UNHCR on the digital aspects of Blue Key campaign. Let me brief her working for this noble cause:

  • The Blue Key campaign is a symbol of the key to the home for all the homeless refugees in the world.
  • It is basically a $5 symbolic Blue Key pendant that is visually adorable and acts as a sign of support for the cause of refugees worldwide.
  • The aim of this campaign is to sell 6,000 keys to Americans (shipped within the US only) before the World Refugee Day on 20th June, 2011.

Whilst searching about the Blue ribbon campaign, I stumbled on several other organizations that use awareness products like pendants, wristbands and ribbons to promote their charity work. Among the many, following are 10 famous awareness items being employed for charity purposes:





1. Blue Key campaign

Supporting the welfare of refugees all over the world


2. Breast Cancer Awareness

To increase awareness of breast cancer through education.


3. Aids

To increase HIV testing and care among people most at-risk for, or living with, HIV.


4. Haiti Recovery And Restore

To revive and restore Haiti after the terrible earthquake.


5. Livestrong

Worn by cyclist Lance Armstrong, their purpose is to improve the life of people affected by cancer.


6. Hunger Relief

For each wristband sold, they will donate funds to purchase 50 cups of rice and deliver 15 meals.


7. Tsunami Relief Wave Of Hope

Donating a portion of the sale to Save The Children.


8. Make poverty history

A white bracelet or wristband worn by famous celebrities to support poverty alleviation.


9. Inner Peace Pendants

Donates 25% of all profits from every sale of pendant to any US-based organization of your choice.


10. Cancer Awareness

Choose Hope sells buttons and badges to support the cause of cancer patients.

Let us all support this noble cause by purchasing the Blue Key pendant and turn the dreams of helpless refugees into a reality. Its high time designers…our suffering friends need us.

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