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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?

Let me begin with a BIG hello to all my blog readers and visitors…..Firstly, I want to apologize for not updating my blog from last couple of weeks. Actually, my last two logo design projects gave me quiet tough time. However, after ending up with my commitments successfully, I thought I deserved a short holiday with my family and should leave blogosphere for some time.

Well, let me take this opportunity to tell you that…I missed you all a lot and THANKYOU for the overwhelming response on my last post “25 Logos with hidden messages”. Your active participation and comments have insisted me to prepare the sequel of this post which I will be bringing to you shortly. Below, I list bucnch of commentators whom I thought deserved a special thanks.


@ Kanuel – Hey you are right friend, I just noticed another hidden message in Google’s TCP/IP logo.

@ Christan – I checked your logo …impressed with your work dude.

@Joey Sichol – Yeah, I agree that Milwaukee Brewers logo is equally nice…You will definitely find it in the sequel part of this post.

@ Nimwendil – I have studied the VAIO logo and think it must have been on the list as well

@ Daniel, Peslac, Ravindra, Konamito, Selvin, Jay thanks for the appreciate.

@ Martin, Dave, Baleog, John, Deborah, Pat, …I will surely add the logos recommended by you guys…thnks for adding to the list.

@ Nathan – thnks for pointing the mistake…you are right, the word is “magnifique,” not “magnificique

@ Marie – this is amazing, you really made me notice the spoon hidden in the FedEx logo in the lower case e.

@ Michael- hey dude, you don’t seem to enjoy the post. I hope the upcoming sequel won’t disappoint you this time.

@ Veena and Anna  Green – it was really sweet of you to become my regular visitor and check the blog more often.


Once again, I will like to THANK YOU all for all the appreciation and time you took for stopping on my blog. Therefore, I plan to come up with the sequel post where I will display all the recommended hidden logos by you all and will add some new ones I have discovered recently.

So, don’t forget to check this upcoming post on the blog soon and I am sure you all will contribute once again to make it a blast…huh?


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