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  Maintaining our commitment of being an “ultimate resource for graphic designers” GDB is proud to announce the launch of yet another initiative…our very own Graphic Design Forum. We came up with this idea to provide our visitors an online platform to hold discussions and ask questions related to all spheres of graphic designing. ...


  Ever wondered how great names like Nike, Mercedes and Google come from? Did they just pop out of nowhere? Or was there a premeditated strategy behind their evolution? I remember reading this great quote by Thomas C. Haliburton “Nicknames ...


  Being a graphic designer, 3D technology amazes me the most. Like many gaming fans, I was filled with elation and excitement when NVIDIA first launched its GeForce 3D Vision glasses. The gaming experience provided by the glasses is speechless. It’s almost as if you’re actually in the game. Experiencing reality in gaming has never ...


  Being selective is a quality that every human being possesses…but ever heard of being selective in a photograph? Yes folks, this is a concept that I am sure every graphic designer will want to master. Selective color photography is an innovative technique in graphic design used to turn an image into black and white ...


  While watching the FIFA World Cup do-or-die match between USA and Algeria, a strange thought clicked my mind....that we graphic designers are like footballers. Although not similar in every aspect, but there are few prominent resemblances between the two professions. While football (soccer) is a game of creative skills and exceptional ability to produce ...


No doubt graphic designing is an exciting and enjoyable profession. Still, graphic designers sometimes face creative hitches. No matter how much we engross ourselves in our graphic design work, avoiding boredom and stress in not easy. For a profession like graphic designing, overcoming the creative block is essential. Graphic designers are energetic at start, but as the day progresses, the creative energy level drops down. Annoyed by this problem, I set out ...


  No matter how old I get my affinity with the cartoon world never dies. And I am sure almost every one of you share the same feelings. After all who wants to say they’ve grown “too old” for cartoons, isn’t it??? ;) As a graphics designer and a cartoon enthusiast, I ...

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