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  Photoshop can create magic – this statement is becoming true with every passing day. There are many tools and techniques with the help of which designers can now play with pictures, images and logos etc. All is possible because of the Photoshop’s amazing tools and newly developed techniques. Dragan effect is much talked about ...


  Photography in its own self is sheer fun. There are many kinds of photography which are practiced these days. Macro photography is amongst the most detailed photography of all kinds. It shows a usual object in entirely new form. Digital Macro Photography mainly enhances the beauty of small and tiny objects. If you are interested in macro photography then you should ...


  Summer is here! Everyone is trying to spice up his or her life by adding colors in their lives either by placing nice colorful wallpapers or designing colorful web designs for their sites. Following are some patterns which will add color and brightness to your web designs. Surprise you visitors by enlightening them with the amazing styles and ...


Usage of words can get interesting at times when you are trying to speak terms that have same pronunciation but different meanings. Those words that are same in sound but different in meanings are known as “Homophones”. In general English language there are many words which come under homophonic sounds. For instance, the term “Board” (enter or panel) sounds similar to “bored” (uninterested). It can get ...


Remember the movie Hollow Man, where Kevin Bacon acquired the power to be invisible? Imagine how cool would it be in real life? Although there hasn’t been any ‘Invisibility Cloak’ developed similar to the one in Harry Potter, there is one artist that makes it almost possible to vanish. Liu Bolin is a Chinese artist with a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. ...


Have you ever come across a time when your creative juices stop flowing? Yes, I’m referring to that moment when you try so hard but fail to conceive a creative idea. But this doesn’t happen all of a sudden, does it? There is always a reason behind this abrupt dearth of creativity. Even the slightest of distraction can ruin a ...


Cartoons are a momentous part of everybody’s childhood memories. No matter how old you are, you cannot grow too old for cartoons. Famous animation studios like Walt Disney and Cartoon Network have created some of the most epic and iconic cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Cinderella that have etched into our minds for eternity. ...

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