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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?

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Being a graphic designer, I love being surrounded by innovative and artistic objects. Right from my bedroom to the workplace, I always keep the ambiance adorned with elements of graphic design. While surfing on the internet, I came across a humorous yet brilliant artwork that ...


  There was this design client of mine who approached me in the middle of the project and said, “The design is great. Could you just make the font bigger? I asked what font size would he like me to use on which he raised his index finger and replied, “This big!”I’m sure most of designers are familiar with this ordeal of facing bad ...


  Typography is an integral aspect of designing and a graphic designer requires meticulous knowledge to work on it. Selection of fonts can make or break a typographic design. There are several impending questions that should be answered before you start with a typography project… like what family of font should be employed? Should you use Upper or Lower casing letters? All ...


Do you have a wall at home that is messy and dirty but don’t have the funds to repaint it? Want to hide it with something neat and cool? Then try ‘Sticker Designs’. Being a graphic designer is not only rewarding, it is also entertaining and comes in handy. So if you are a designer, then this shouldn’t be a big deal ...


Being famous in the community is every graphic designer’s ultimate dream. To be recognized all over the world for your creative talent is an accomplishment in itself. This is probably one of the several reasons why you became a graphic designer. But to fame and reputation isn’t just up for grabs. You have to earn it the right way and sustain it the hard ...


Did you know that there are 2.8 billion social media profiles on the internet? It means that almost half of global internet users are devoted users of the New Media. It also signifies the rising influence that social media has on our personal, communal and professional lives. This is the reason why more and more businesses have increased their presence on various ...


It is said that family moments are the best ones, but also the hardest to capture. Taking individual portraits is far easier than performing a complete family photo shoot. It is even harder than children photography as family portraits involve capturing multiple emotions of and expressions simultaneously. A mother’s kiss, a father’s hug and a sibling’s protective embrace ...

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