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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and believe me…it really sucks being a graphic designer on 14th February. Considering the overloaded work schedule and tedious deadlines, who can imagine enjoying a pleasant time with their valentine? This conundrum is widespread among graphic designers as I’ve heard many of my colleagues complain of this as well. But does this mean that ...


Photoshop manipulation is an art practiced by a lot of artists and designers. It is even used in creating print advertisements for major brands and for designing other promotional props. Every now and then, we witness several pictures on the internet that are altered or ...


    Hey GDB Readers, Want to get a link on GDB for your website/blog and that also for FREE … no bargaining, no budget :) It’s simple…just comment and win yourself a link. Yes folks, it’s really that easy. All ...


Creating artworks using traditional and conservative formats isn’t such a big deal these days. A true artist is one who can create an artwork out of nothing, someone who has the creative ability and talent to put life into dull objects. One such artist that lives amongst us is Terry Border, who creates fascinating bent objects using metallic wires and other ...


Being in the graphic design field, I have always been intrigued to learn about various forms of artwork. Lately I came across a concept that left me spellbound…Shadow Art. Shadow Art has its root from the art of shadowgraphy, a skill of creating images using hand shadows. This technique was commonly used in Far East countries like China in shows to ...


  Earthquakes, Tsunami, Floods and all other natural disasters are a constant reminder for the humanity that we are facing a massive calamity…Global Warming. The phenomenon of Global Warming explains the rising of Earth’s average temperature, resulting rise in sea levels. Even though we study about global warming and its after-effects in schools and ...


The first thing that pops up in graphic designers mind, when they get a project is how to get started? Should they start searching the internet for ideas or grabbing a paper and pencil will be a better way to kick off? Should he solely rely on inspiration to start with a graphic design project or should he work hard from scratch to conceive an original idea? ...

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