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When someone gives you a nickname, it means they have an affinity towards you. Calling people by their pet names is something understandable, but how do you nickname non-living things? Well…we actually do that every day with our favorite brands. This exhibits the power of famous brands that hold immense value for their customers. Madonna’s famous song ‘American Pie’ made us memorize the nickname “Chevy” for GM’s Chevrolet car ...


  So guys, your graphic design business is up and running well? Your customers must be increasing by the day and business booming to such proportions that you must be planning to expand it. Also, you would be thinking to explore other horizons of graphic designing so that you can offer the world a “complete ...


As graphic designers, we all love logo designs and the creativity embedded within them. One of the famous logos, also featured in my hidden logos post, was the BIG TEN Conference logo. It incorporated a cleverly hidden “11” between the words “BIG TEN”. Sports fans must be well aware of this organization. But for those who don’t know, Big Ten Conference is the United States' oldest Division I ...


  Photography is truly an art in itself. Learning the art is one thing, but to execute it perfectly is another whole dimension. As technology progresses, newer and better photography equipments are invented. This growing technological advancement has given way to different types of photography like panning, hi-speed, long-exposure, macro and even wave photography. ...


  We all are familiar with the terms print media, electronic media and online media. We have even heard of social media as well. But ever heard of democratic media? This is one of the most evolving concepts affecting the fate of many organizations and famous brands alike. Since graphic designers play a vital role ...


  Finally, another year has come to an end… seems like time really flies. Every going year leaves back a lot of memories with us…. some hurtful truths, some unaccomplished targets and some big blunders :( But as it is said, one should always hope for the best and wait to get his share ...


  Every upcoming holiday season is an opportunity for brands to attract more customers. We see a host of marketing efforts all over the place, with creative ads flooding the newspapers, TV channels and street billboards. Creating meaningful and noteworthy ads is the hallmark of a creative director who presents a flawless concept to attract customers. ...

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