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  Nothing is impossible and no idea can go in vein provided the efforts are immense. Keeping this thing in mind Diana Herrera Beltran from Columbia has created some amazing art pieces. These are the sculptures of birds and animals in awesome colors. The interesting fact is that these birds and animals are created with ...


  If you are an arcade game fan then you can never forget the two most popular games ever produced Street Fighter (released in 1989) and Mortal Kombat (released in 1992). Both the games became instant hits when released. The graphic designers behind both the games actually blessed their characters with personality traits which were not usually seen back ...


  Inspiration is everywhere. It is up to a person, from where he gets inspiration. There are countless inspiring quotations that have been said by the philosophers, thinkers, entrepreneurs and celebrities etc. These quotes motivate and inspire people to do their best and live their life in better ways. This post is a collection of some amazing pictures which ...


  Who doesn’t love movies and the glossy movie posters? They’re the first thing that catches your eye when you step into a movie theatre, even before you’ve caught a glimpse of the first scene. Good photography is the mainstay of most movie posters; after all, a picture can say more than a thousand words. ...


  Everybody loves illustrations and graphics. There’s something captivating about unique and innovative illustrations that draws people towards them, both old and young! Using illustrations in designing layouts of websites is a clever way of attracting traffic, as these websites appear more colourful, amusing and visually striking. The use of illustrations literally livens up a website. ...


Have you ever come across a time when your creative juices stop flowing? Yes, I’m referring to that moment when you try so hard but fail to conceive a creative idea. But this doesn’t happen all of a sudden, does it? There is always a reason behind this abrupt dearth of creativity. Even the slightest of distraction can ruin a ...


Before you jump to any conclusions, let me make it clear that my intentions are not to shatter your dreams of starting your very own graphic design business. On the contrary, I wish to explore the downsides of being an independent graphic designer by launching your ...

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