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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?

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The tragic news of Steve Jobs, co-creator of the technology giant Apple, came as a shock for the world. However, we must remember that nobody is invincible and death besieges everyone eventually. So many people die everyday and are forgotten, but some leave such a deep impact on our minds that they are etched in our memories forever. This is what Steve Jobs accomplished by leaving ...


    It is always fun to create interesting and humorous T-shirt designs. Also, I see it as an effective technique of expressing one’s views and opinion to the community, at large. When you wear a t-shirt with a quote or special message, it becomes an effective source to ...


  One of the most controversial forms of artwork is street graffiti. It has been prevalent since centuries and has matured and refined over the years. It was used by the Romans as a sign of protest and criticism against their rulers. Street graffiti is still a common way of expressing political and satirical remarks ...


  Who says mess is bad for graphic designers? Especially when that mess helps in forming an amazing artwork, we should create mess more often. Yes folks, I’m alluding to the creative concept of creating art using useless junk. When you have so much mess lying around in your vicinity, then what better way of ...


  Being a graphic designer, one of the toughest jobs that I face in my career is convincing my clients to say YES to my graphic design ideas. Now I have never taken this as a dilemma as dealing with the client is part and parcel of being a graphic designer. But sometimes, you get such ...


  Photography isn’t simply about taking pictures these days. The field has developed a whole new realm of its own with many exquisite ways of capturing moments. Surreal Photography is one enlightening section that was rendered as a method of cinematography in the early 1920s. It involves the wonderful way of transforming reality into a ...

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