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  Few days back, while I was flying to California to visit one of my very finicky but an old client, I overheard a casual chat between two friends in the backseats. As they were inquiring each other about graphic design so I couldn’t help overhearing their conversation. It went something like this: ...


  They say “The best way to remove pimples from your face is to use Photoshop”. We are well aware of the marvels of Adobe Photoshop and its usefulness for graphic designers. It is employed in all kinds of graphic design projects which include business cards, brochures, logo designing, letterheads and web designing. These ...


  Useless saying how important “A client” is for every business but being in Graphic Design industry I know how difficult it is to handle clients. A graphic designer’s career is completely in hands of his clients but no matter how hard he tries…clients are not satisfied easily. You need to invest a lot of ...


  In all my previous photography posts, I’ve always tried to bring creative and beautiful compilations for you guys. However, today I have collected some “not-so-pleasing” shots but definitely food for thought. You would have surely heard of the term “Photojournalism”….a form of news reporting ...


  “I want to build a brand for my business…all I need is a logo.” This is the common misconception running in the minds of many clients who are looking to brand their business. They misconstrue a brand for a mere symbol, logo or a trademark used on a signboard outside the company gate. However the ...


    A couple of weeks ago, I enlightened my readers on the controversial Big Ten Logo redesign. Following severe criticism by the Big Ten fans, several contests were launched to re-redesign the logo. One of the most actively participated was the Unofficial Mycroburst Contest, with prize money of $500. Within days, more than 1000 entries came in from numerous talented graphic designers. The contest ...


  “Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.” Paul Rand, 1997   As rightly put by the famous graphic designer Paul Rand, art is ...

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