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No doubt graphic designing is an exciting and enjoyable profession. Still, graphic designers sometimes face creative hitches. No matter how much we engross ourselves in our graphic design work, avoiding boredom and stress in not easy. For a profession like graphic designing, overcoming the creative block is essential. Graphic designers are energetic at start, but as the day progresses, the creative energy level drops down. Annoyed by this problem, I set out ...


After spending some years in graphic design industry, couple of questions bewildered me the most… How much a graphic designer should be paid? On what criteria should he be paid? Although I confess that I joined the design field for the sheer pleasure and obsession, but then again, a person has to make ends meet as well. Right from my first ever project, I have continuously pondered on the subject of wages for graphic designers ...


  Selecting the right man for the right job at the right time is an extremely difficult task. Clients, who are looking for graphic designers to do their work, often do not know how to select the appropriate graphic designer. Since the selection of a graphic designer is a very daunting and tiring process, clients ...


  Which brand comes to your mind first when you see the letter “M”? I bet “McDonalds” is what strikes your mind. Undeniably, some of the biggest brands have built their entire reputation on a single letter. That is precisely the case with top brands like McDonalds, Honda, Unilever and QuickTime. Sometimes " simplicity ...


The eagerly awaited “Day for Lovers” is round the corner with dear couples ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their sweethearts. Saint Valentine's Day or more commonly known as Valentine's Day, is an annual festival celebrated on 14th February by millions all over the world to rejoice their love and affection for their beloved ones.  With the arrival of this date, we ...


  No matter how old I get my affinity with the cartoon world never dies. And I am sure almost every one of you share the same feelings. After all who wants to say they’ve grown “too old” for cartoons, isn’t it??? ;) As a graphics designer and a cartoon enthusiast, I ...


  Two more days to go for Christmas and till yesterday I was totally blank about a Christmas post on Graphic Design Blog. Lost in my thoughts I started browsing twitter and was welcomed by numerous tweets of Christmas posts. The list made me realize there was no exciting topic left to be compiled for my ...

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