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Author Name: Stephen KuiPost Category: Tips for Graphic DesignersLogos. They're the most important part of branding any business, service, or anything at all. Without one, it's nearly impossible for you to be recognized in any way at all except memory of your name. So let's see what it takes to make one that'll really let you succeed. I'm going to keep it short and simple, so there are a few aspects to good logos that make them stand out as stellar. ...


Author Name: Erik JohnsonPost Category: Tips for Graphic DesignersOnce you choose a web hosting provider, chances are your sites will remain there for a long time. Moving from one hosting account to another is not only time consuming but often causes many technical problems. Before you settle for a provider and hosting plan, take some minutes and school yourself on the topic web hosting.    Written by Brian Franklin, hosting editor at Web Hosting Search, this ...


Author Name: Jay VorzimerPost Category: Tips for Graphic DesignersHave you ever taken the time to really consider the advantages offered by drawing within a digital domain over those of the real world in which we live? Is it the options available to the artist? Maybe. Is it the speed at which the artist can create the art? Maybe, but probably not. Is it the effects that a user can render upon the work created? Possibly. The real advantage offered the ...


Author Name: Jahangir aghaPost Category: Tips for Graphic DesignersMay be you find this kind of tutorial on other sites but I have written it myself for the first time This is what we are going to design: [B]Step 1:[/B] Create a new document of any size and draw a circle in there. Step 2: Ctrl + Click the layer to make the selection and choose the Polygonal Lasso Tool and also choose the “Substract From Selection” Tool from the top menu Step 3: Now cut ...


Author Name: AmyPost Category: General Graphic DesignIs anyone else getting ready to graduate with a degree in graphic design and just feel... utterly overwhelmed??  I am graduating in December, and felt very confident in my work until I started browsing through the endless online portfolios and reading through job descriptions, and I suddenly feel like I have learned NOTHING! And the worst part is, I'm not sure where to go next.  Do you go back for more schooling...??  They say in graphic ...


Author Name: Jhon Smith Post Category: Cool Stuff Graffiti, the most controversial art form has become a complex and diverse visual culture with its own language, standards, categories and history. Now the traditional graffiti art has been contrived into attention-grabbing graphic clichés, to leave a lasting cultural mark. The creativity of the graffiti artists has expanded into many art forms, but the optical illusion is the most interesting part. Using the 3D art form, these artists play a trick on the mind ...

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