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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?

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  Surprisingly, as the demand and sophistication of resources escalates, creativity is taking a severe dip in a faculty; none other than ‘creativity’ itself. What if we told you that 60% designers confess of having no time to work on their “great ideas”? A KRK research for iStock reveals ...


Roughly a year ago on 29th September 2010, Graphic Design Blog launched its very own Graphic Design Forum. In this brief yet adventurous time, our forum has achieved a milestone of 5000 active members. This signifies the level of usefulness and entertainment that we provide to our readers and members on the forum. Our 5000 members include professionals like graphic designers, web designers, logo ...


  Success does not fall upon everyone. Only those who strive to reach the pinnacle of what they do find true success and accomplishment. As graphic designers, we also strive for success and achievements in our careers. But not every graphic designer is able to succeed. In fact some face failure in the preliminary stages of their career. But ...


  Being a photographer is as hard as being graphic designers. Similar to graphic design, photography also necessitates a combination of exceptional talent and specialized equipment to perform. One of the most difficult styles of shooting pictures is the underwater photography technique. Underwater thrills are hard to capture. It requires utmost skills ...


  The focal point of your graphic designing business is 'The Client'. Without a client, you are merely fulfilling your passion as a graphic designer and nothing else. A client is your chief source of income and is critical to your survival in the design business. But you mustn’t get overly dependent on clients. ...


You can develop products in a matter of days, but brands are intangible assets that cannot be created overnight. To erect brands, you require ample of time, investment and customer satisfaction. That is the reason when graphic designers are working on a particular brand and its logo design, they must keep the customer perspective and preferneces in mind. Their designs should reflect the culture and values of the intended audience of the brand. ...


  I sincerely loathe remembering my math classes as they always remind me of the heaps of numbers and statistics involved in it. I was never really a big fan of numbers and figures. But the field of graphic design made my worries easier. You must be wondering how graphic designing helped me in my data analyzing dilemma. Well…the answer is ...

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