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  Ever wondered how great names like Nike, Mercedes and Google come from? Did they just pop out of nowhere? Or was there a premeditated strategy behind their evolution? I remember reading this great quote by Thomas C. Haliburton “Nicknames ...


  Minimalist logo designs are preferred more by graphic designers because of their ease and simplicity. But the difficulty in designing simple logos is to incorporate an effective message within the design. This can be achieved either through the technique of negative spacing or by interweaving the symbol within the typography. ...


  While there are numerous irrational squabbles going over the subject of “online logo design contests”, one can’t deny the rapidly changing logo design trends. A handful of designers, adverse to the concept of design contests, are lamenting over the emergence of this unique trend. This is because many famous corporations are opting for these online contests to get ...


  With the passage of time, logo design categories have expanded comprehensively. Every now and then, creative graphic designers come up with a unique logo design that leads to a new trend. Undoubtedly, as the number of logo designers increases, more innovative and novel logo design practices will be introduced ...


Twitter is the hottest social media network on the blogosphere. It enables people to connect with others all over the world with ease. Twitter serves as a wonderful platform for people of the same field to meet and connect. Likewise, the Graphic Design community is also benefited through the social networking of twitter. Graphic designers from all over the globe can find their counterparts on twitter and share their graphic design expertise. But the question ...


  Selecting the right man for the right job at the right time is an extremely difficult task. Clients, who are looking for graphic designers to do their work, often do not know how to select the appropriate graphic designer. Since the selection of a graphic designer is a very daunting and tiring process, clients ...


  Which brand comes to your mind first when you see the letter “M”? I bet “McDonalds” is what strikes your mind. Undeniably, some of the biggest brands have built their entire reputation on a single letter. That is precisely the case with top brands like McDonalds, Honda, Unilever and QuickTime. Sometimes " simplicity ...

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