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Professional, innovative and catchy brochures always get a business noticed. To leave a lasting and notable impression, we all keep on bringing advancements to our marketing strategies. Just like business cards, brochures and booklets are a standard tool for promotion and advertising. These tiny books or magazines, which lay around in conference halls and waiting rooms, well present aims and motives of your business. However, your brochures should be really creative and appealing, so one gets to grab it or it ...


Logos are the distinction marks, which we get to see everywhere. The simple is a logo; the greater is the probability that your potential clients will remember you for a long time. However, manipulating a simple concept into a catchy and unique logo is a very challenging job. Therefore, I have collected a bunch of 20 simple but creative logos, to show the current ...


A logo is the base of a company’s brand identity and global recognition but with change in time and growing competition, companies have started sprucing up their logos. A logo redesign is a risk, which can turn in loads of success for you if you get it right but if you come up with some unpleasant redesign, then better be ready to loose the brand identity you have achieved already. The redesigning is such a crucial process that you never know ...


Logos…The world seems like a colorful pastry with all these lively emblems all around us. No one can deny the fact that a proper logo is one of the simplest ways to create brand recognition because a visual symbol is more memorable than words. However, when you notice these emblems, you will notice some icons and symbols which are used most repeatedly in today’s logo designing. I have listed few of them and the impact they leave on the viewers mind. Swoosh: Although ...


You get to see amazingly creative logos everywhere but have you ever wondered what magic these logos can do for you … the better a logo, greater the probability that your clients will remember you and get back to you. In this era of advance technology, logo designing has now evolved in a more resourceful and inspiring way. While browsing the net in logo design categories I cannot stop myself from appreciating the creative approach of today’s designer mind. Instead of posting ...


Last weekend, after shopping on busy streets of California, I seated myself in a close by cafeteria. While sipping my hot coffee, I noticed the numerous, captivating logos all around and asked myself what these brands must have been without logos. Undoubtedly, a logo for a business is like an intelligent cover is to a good book, but at the same time it needs to be influential enough to set you apart in your market and let people know what's ...


Big and Tall Large and small Fathers everywhere Who love and care. On Father's Day Remember to say, "I love you so I hope you know You pass the test You are the best." Father! He is the one who holds you while you take your first faltering steps, sits by your bedside when you are not feeling well and finally he is the one you want to grow up to be like. It’s Father’s Day, an opportunity for all of us to honor and love our ...

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