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Remember the movie Hollow Man, where Kevin Bacon acquired the power to be invisible? Imagine how cool would it be in real life? Although there hasn’t been any ‘Invisibility Cloak’ developed similar to the one in Harry Potter, there is one artist that makes it almost possible to vanish. Liu Bolin is a Chinese artist with a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. ...


Weapons are man-made tools that are aimed at causing damage and injury to others. Initially arms and ammunitions were used as a self-defense tool to protect against harmful animals and fierce creatures. But soon after, they became the root cause of human destruction and discord in the world. Majority of wars were battled due to the existence of weapons. Even the ...


Photoshop manipulation is an art practiced by a lot of artists and designers. It is even used in creating print advertisements for major brands and for designing other promotional props. Every now and then, we witness several pictures on the internet that are altered or ...


In regular photography, a photographer simply captures critical moments that are there to be incarcerated. However, hallmark of a genius photographer is to capture a concept or meaning in a picture which a normal eye cannot understand. One of the genres of photography that follows this principle is called Conceptual photography. This kind of camera work exactly follows the old adage ...


Christmas is right around the corner and with Christmas comes the chilliest season of the year…WINTER. Some people consider winter to be a boring and dreadful season, while others seem to enjoy the chills and thrills of the cold weather. Nevertheless, it gives a great opportunity for photographers to take out their equipment in the open and capture the frozen moments ...


With respect to photography, the term toning is a technique of transforming a monochrome photograph (usually black and white) to color form. This method has originally transported from the world of cinematography. But after being adopted in the digital graphic design world, the term split toning has evolved and gained more prominence. • Origins of Split Toning: ...


  A few months back, I did a post on moving cinemagraphs, an entirely unusual yet exciting addition to the field of motion graphics. A cinemagraph provides the effects of a video within a GIF image. For those who don’t recall, Jamie Beck (Fashion Photographer) introduced cinemagraphs, in conjunction with Kevin Burg (Motion Graphics Designer). ...

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