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“I want something out of the ordinary so think out-of-the-box”…I’m sure all the graphic designers are familiar with this common client statement. Almost every client wants his design to be ‘special’ and ‘out of the box’ even though they have no clue of what exactly they want. Being loyal to their clients, graphic designers attempt to come up with the weirdest ...


After spending nearly a decade in the field of graphic design, I still ponder over the question…What drove me into becoming a graphic designer? Even though I have relentless passion and obsession for graphic designing, I still can’t decide what solitary factor inspired me into this field. I’m sure the same question haunts many graphic designers out there. ...


    I remember my first client meeting…even though it was quite long time back, but the whole episode is still a distinct memory. Not because it was my very first client meeting, but the anxiety and nervousness that besieged me was unforgettable. Trembling hands, shaky knees and sweaty ...


Ignorance is a dilemma that many newbie graphic designers face in the starting of their careers. Their lack of knowledge about a particular aspect of design is often taken negatively. While there is no arguing the fact that one should be well equipped and educated in order to excel in life, ignorance should not be considered a folly.   ...


Graphic designing is not just about using design skills and aesthetics. In order to succeed as professional graphic designers, you must also possess business sense and interpersonal skills to deal with clients. Those designers who are devoid of these skills are usually bullied around by clients. Being in the professional world, you cannot afford to be a pushover. ...


The quality that distinguishes graphic designers from other professionals is the ability to think creatively. Designers are best known for their design aesthetics and sense of identity development. Now imagine if a graphic designer runs out flat of this exceptional trait…what would happen? Just consider for a second that your creativity and resourcefulness depletes to the extent that you cannot think of a single idea. ...


With respect to photography, the term toning is a technique of transforming a monochrome photograph (usually black and white) to color form. This method has originally transported from the world of cinematography. But after being adopted in the digital graphic design world, the term split toning has evolved and gained more prominence. • Origins of Split Toning: ...

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