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Celebrities As Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is coming and most of us are thinking about the people we love secretly or in the open. Some of us, who don’t have any special someones in our lives, will probably spend the day watching popular Valentine’s Day movies or reading online magazines and blogs about interesting people, especially, Hollywood celebrities.

These celebrities are idealized by millions of people from around the world, all year round.  A day dedicated to secret admirers is the best occasion to vote and reveal your admiration for these celebrities. Let’s see which famous superstar gets the maximum votes to be the most-wanted valentine of 2013. Cast your votes and tell us why you chose that particular celebrity in the comments below.




Hope you enjoyed polling for your favorite personalities for this sweet occasion. Now let’s check out this short survey to get you into the perfect mood for romance.

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  1. Daniel On February 12th, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    I know this is a bit of fun, and probably wasn’t done on purpose, but there seems to be a bit of lack of multicultural visibility in this reasonably large list :-S

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