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Flexible Paper Sculptures

You need to see the videos to believe it. These are not some finely crafted porcelain sculptures; it’s simply paper art.

Beijing-based artist Li Hongbo created flexible sculptures out of thousands of thin sheets of paper glued together. His inspiration stemmed from the traditional Chinese decorations known as paper gourds. These are stored flat but reveal a sculpted object when opened. He applied the same honeycomb-like structure to larger human forms and tree designs.

The Dominik Mersch Gallery in Australia recently arranged a solo exhibition of Hongbo’s paper art where they also made its videos. You can check out more work by the artist at their website.

Flexible Paper Sculptures 1
Flexible Paper Sculptures 2
Flexible Paper Sculptures 3
Flexible Paper Sculptures 4
Flexible Paper Sculptures 5
Flexible Paper Sculptures 6
Flexible Paper Sculptures 7
Flexible Paper Sculptures 8

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  1. DesignerDM On April 3rd, 2013 at 4:57 am

    Chinese are very skilled craftsmen. This work is amazing!

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