Cacao Design business card

Cacao Design business card

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Submitted on : 11 Oct 10

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by Cacao Design
Masa Magnoni, Alessandro Floridia and Mauro Pastore are the founding directors of Cacao Design, a multiple-award-winning design firm based in Milan, as well as founders of Wolda, the Worldwide Logo Design Annual ( Passionate designers with 20 years of experience in branding and, in particular, logo and stationery design, they recently decided to redesign their own online and offline identity. The new business card, like most of the firm’s projects (in line with the Cacao Design approach) needed to be an innovative “design object” that would immediately impress every new contact with the team’s ability to see things from an original point of view. Something memorable and strong but minimal, simple and clean – that’s Cacao’s style!

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