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Everybody loves illustrations and graphics. There’s something captivating about unique and innovative illustrations that draws people towards them, both old and young! Using illustrations in designing layouts of websites is a clever way of attracting traffic, as these websites appear more colourful, amusing and visually striking.
The use of illustrations literally livens up a website. It is a creative way of giving a character and personality to a website.
The kind of illustration should complement the overall look of the webpage. Doodle-like illustrations or those with a more hand-drawing feel to them are more apt for websites that have a casual appeal to them. On the other hand, more formal illustrations work well for those that have a serious and sober essence about them.
The key is to use illustrations cleverly and intelligently to augment the entire look of the website. Carelessly designed graphics and illustrations often look shoddy, and might actually fend off visitors rather than attract them. The task of designing websites with illustrations should not be taken lightly at all.
Here are 20 websites with illustrations that are simply too irresistible to ignore!


1. Mediocore


2. Carbonmade


3. Heyindy


4. Grepit


5. Coolbrushdesign


6. Duirwaigh


7. Communicator world


8. Ndesign studio


9. Seanhalpin


10. McMillers Sweets Emporium


11. Raskulls


12. The many faces of


13. Carsonified


14. Justdot


15. Summer Camp


16. Get Me Fast


17. Plavacek


18. Monster Isle


19. Fully Illustrated


20. BlackMoon Design



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  1. Crendo On June 4th, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    I’m a photographer and designer, but not an illustrator — and I’m very jealous of the talented folks who created these websites. The colors and style of the Duirwaigh website are awesome. But the website for Alan Rickman has to be the best use of illustration; such a perfect way to show the range of his acting. Thanks for taking the time to gather these up.

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