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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?


  Ever since Gouache was introduced into the world of Art, it has become the most desired medium for many high-class fine artists, illustrators, and designers. The vibrancy of these colors, in both digital and print content, provides the stand-out position you desire to attract customers with of all age groups. ...


  There are times when we say something and we mean something else. It’s like saying a statement with truth and false wrapped in one single sentence. To me, it is an art, which we mostly perform unknowingly. The interesting thing is that there are different people who try to depict such statements in the forms of images and ...


  Photography is an art which is liked and practiced all over the world. There are different kinds of photographic arts which can be seen in the world. Similarly, double exposure photography is also amongst a kind of photographic art which has gained a lot of appreciation and applaud by people and photographers from different parts of the world. ...


  Do you think you are smart enough to guess the pictures which you have seen more than many times? M. Szulyuvszky and A. Bodor have come up with a unique concept and project which is named as Think Invisible. It is a fun project according to the creators. They are of the view that people will ...


  Being a Graphic designer is a daunting task mainly because your life and soul is in your client’s grasp. The moment something goes wide of the mark be ready to get beheaded! Client-Graphic Designer relationship is similar to that of the institution of marriage; it cannot be taken for granted. ...


  There are numerous kinds of arts which are present in the world. Every art has its audience. There are many individuals who are drawn towards digital art. Digital art is all about digital technology. Different individuals define digital art with multimedia, computer or contemporary art. This particular art was introduced back in early seventies. In recent years 3D ...


  Inspirations lie everywhere. You just have to be focused. Similarly, for Nick Veasey, inspiration came from X-ray machine. This Englishman is now known for his kind of photography. His artworks mainly involve pictures based on X-rays. Take any object as his model, for instance players, celebrities, foot balls, flowers or tractors etc. He has shot every ...

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