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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?


  If you are a professional in your work then you’d be known for it. You’d have a name which everyone will inspire and believe that no other could come and compete with you. Professionalism doesn’t just come with a day’s time in work. In fact, it is something a person achieves working day and night over a number ...


  The world's commerce keeps moving online, and you may be joining the trend with an e-Commerce site of your own. E-Commerce is an awesome way to make some extra money on the side, or even to build a whole new career. In case of the latter, you can build a successful online store front ...


  If we compare any regular 9-5 job with a graphic designer’s job then many differences will be seen. Designer’s job does not have a particular time like all other jobs. In fact, a designer can give time to work whenever he/she likes. But this work has to be given more attention than any other ...


  Mention the words ‘responsive web design’ today and you are likely to have an influx of potential clients before you, clamoring for your attention and advice on whether they should look further into the idea or not. Whilst this is not a new idea - in the sense that creating websites that are able ...


  Ever felt like having a warm cup of coffee after seeing the coffee cup in an advertisement? Ever felt the rain falling like droplets on your head after seeing the picture of an ad for a movie? Ever felt the 3D effects in a photo clicked just randomly? Welcome to the world of liquid ...


  Head to any local networking event and you're bound to get dozens of business cards handed to you throughout the night— as well as hand out a few yourself. But what makes your business card stand out from the rest of the pile? Whether you decide to go the route of printing plastic cards for ...

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