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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?


Graffiti, the most controversial art form has become a complex and diverse visual culture with its own language, standards, categories and history. Now the traditional graffiti art has been contrived into attention-grabbing graphic clichés, to leave a lasting cultural mark. The creativity of the graffiti artists has expanded into many art forms, but the optical illusion is the most interesting part. Using the 3D art form, these artists play a trick on the mind using size, shapes, and lines. Urban graffiti ...


Nothing on earth can be more enjoyable than putting a soul into an image using alluring graphics.Thousands of creative designers all over the world thoroughly enjoy themselves creating interesting designs for brands, businesses, organizations, events and so on. Anyway, if you are a t-shirt guy or girl, I bring you a plethora of most recent T-shirt designs - you wouldn't want to miss anything.     The brightness, graphics bring to our life is really terrific and this great collection of some of the ...


Currently I had a feeling it was the high time to replace my outdated business card and come up with a contemporary look for my business. Impressive and attractive business card brings global recognition to your business and makes your services/products sell. While exploring the world of creative business cards, I came across some extraordinary nifty business card designs and felt like sharing it with you people. I am sure you will also enjoy these out-of-the-box ideas, as much as I ...


Big and Tall Large and small Fathers everywhere Who love and care. On Father's Day Remember to say, "I love you so I hope you know You pass the test You are the best." Father! He is the one who holds you while you take your first faltering steps, sits by your bedside when you are not feeling well and finally he is the one you want to grow up to be like. It’s Father’s Day, an opportunity for all of us to honor and love our ...


MTV and HP have joined forces for a new series of reality called “Engine Room”, which will be aired on MTV worldwide. This spanking new show will pit creative minds from the world of digital art to prove their mettle in includes graphic design, animation, mixing sounds, film making and more. So, what are you all waiting for? Start putting up your best samples of creativity. They want to see your graphics, short films, web pages, songs, mixes or anything else ...


All these persuasive and captivating visual images all around make a question tick tock in my mind, “What is Graphic Designing?” I am sure there will be several perceptions about this, but looking at the winning results of an aesthetic graphic designing poster competition I would define graphic design as a blend of art, images, layout, typography and information, used to brand various professions and products. Without any question, these designs very well prove, a picture is worth thousand words. It ...


| View | Upload your own Few days back I stumbled this great slideshow, simple and explicit. This ingenious presentation has raised some thought provoking points, which make you believe that design is the primal aspect of man – made creations. Everything a man does or creates is composed of a definite design. Of course, it is the design, which makes things work and express the real motive of every creation. I am sure you guys goanna love this presentation and find ...

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