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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?


It is any business’s requirement to get their promotional and marketing material printed in the premium-most quality. But it is difficult to find a one-stop solution for best printing results. PrintRunner is one service which not only provides quality printing for your various business needs, but also does it for less!

Print Runner

The range of product offerings by the company are many. From banners, brochures, calendars, DVD covers and envelopes, to post cards, rubber stamps, posters, stickers and even thank-you cards, PrintRunner has a huge range of product offering to meet any company’s needs and expectations. If there’s a specific print design or service you need, PrintRunner would customize it for you…thanks to their specialty – Custom Print Jobs!


Also, they provide many lucrative offers for their printing services. Some of these include 30 percent off on brochures, 25 percent off on business cards and magnets and 15 percent off on posters. You can also benefit from discount coupons on their various product offerings.


If you wish to print business cards designed uniquely for your company, PrintRunner is there for you! They offer new styles and sizes for you to choose from. And did we mention there’s a special discount on this product offering too?

Business card

So the next time you’re stuck about where to get your business material printed from, don’t dillydally! Just run to PrintRunner for the ideal solution!


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  1. Joshua Parkhurst On June 18th, 2012 at 9:12 am

    Just made an order from PrintRunner to see how well they do. So far things seemed to work smoothly and price was competitive. We’ll see how well they come out when they arrive.

  1. Joshua Parkhurst On June 26th, 2012 at 2:17 pm

    PrintRunner cards just arrived in the mail! The result was pretty cards but the card stock was a little flimsy. I didn’t see an option for spot gloss which I really like to use. Other than that the card printed the way it looked in the preview which I highly appreciate. Everything I wanted centered was perfectly centered and they didn’t crop anything off. If you’re looking for a good balance of price and quality this may be it. But if you want a thick card stock, and spot gloss, and can afford to spend a few bucks more somewhere that can accommodate those things, I would.

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