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Becoming a graphic or web designer fulfils 3 major purposes…money, honor and satisfaction. Some aim at making big bucks, while others are motivated by recognition and pride. Ignoring the designer salary and payment issue aside, let’s talk about the recognition and accolade a web designer or graphic designer can earn in this field.

Just like Hollywood stars vie for The Oscars and Academy Awards, web designers also desire similar red carpet moments. Following the trend of awards, the design community has also developed a vast system of appraising web and graphic design talent.

Several web design award commissions have developed over the past decade that recognize and appraise the best designs in the web industry. Criteria of selection for “Best Web Design” generally include design, layout, simplicity, user-friendliness and interactivity of the website. However, this trend of awards have become so common that you will witness many online awards but following are the top 5 authentic web design awards which countless web designers seek to achieve in their professional lives:


1. Webby Awards

• Founded in: 1996

• Founded/Run by: International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences
• No of Submissions every Year: 10,000 entries

• Famous Judges: Arianna Huffington (Columnist), Matt Groening ("The Simpsons" creator), Richard Branson (Virgin Atlantic Founder)

• Notable Sponsors: Microsoft, YouTube, AOL, Pepsi, Yahoo!


2. Favourite Website Awards (The FWA)

• Founded in: 2000

• Based In: England

• No of Submissions every Year: N/A

• Famous Judges: Lars Bastholm (Ogilvy), Clemens Dopjans (adidas AG), Diana Helander (Adobe)

• Notable Sponsors: N/A


3. WebAward

• Founded in: 1997

• Founded/Run by: Web Marketing Association

• No of Submissions: N/A

• Famous Judges: Lars Bastholm (Ogilvy), Clemens Dopjans (adidas AG), Diana Helander (Adobe)

• Notable Sponsors: Burst Media, Website Services and Mycroburst


4. Interactive Media Awards

• Founded in: 2005

• Founded/Run by: Interactive Media Council, Inc. (IMC)

• No of submissions: N/A

• Famous judges: Derek F. Martin (American Express), Aaron Gallagher (, Nicholas Carlos (Time Warner Inc.)

• Notable sponsors: Interactive Media Council, Inc. (IMC)


5. GDUSA American Web Design Awards

• Founded in: 1963

Founded/Run by: GDUSA

• No of submissions: N/A

• Famous judges: N/A

• Notable sponsors: The Creative Group


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