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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?

Have you ever been asked, “What is Design?”…The question might seem very simple but I think it should be answered very strongly without being philosophical. My understanding of what design is probably a little complicated but can be applied universally…just check if I am right.

I would say, design is a way of changing our present and influencing the future. It brings the ultimate distinction to gain us brand distinction.

Like in fashion, we get to discover contemporary and catchy web design trends every year. I have compiled latest web designing trends which have been followed throughout this year… Have a looook!

Retro Designs:

Retro and vintage has become the most adapted trend of this year. It’s classic style always fascinates visitors and this year i had so many clients asking to design their websites in Retro style.

Charlies Loan
New York Moon

Swirls and Flourishes:

You must have noticed number of websites decorated with lots of whirls, flowers and drips. It was a good idea of attracting young crowd and adding a contemporary look to your websites.

Ginger Monkey
NDesign Studio

Cartoon Figures:

To make the sites more colorful and trendy, cartoon characters have been frequently noticed on blogs and websites.

We are not Freelancers

Hand Written Notes:

Although concept of websites with hand written notes is a bit old, but this style has been always liked a lot by designers and viewers, so I think you can continue with it.

The Albion Group
Time For Cake

Funky Circles:

Trend of using funky circles is evident in numerous designs across the web as it adds a quite funky and colorful look.


Splatter Ink and Drips:

This year i got to see beautiful websites with the splashing and dripping effect of ink. This effect really makes the site appealing.

Pointless Rambling
Radu Ceuca

Woody and Dusty Pattern:

The woody and grungy effect gives a contemporary feel to a website and makes the vistor appreciate the modern feel of your site/blog.

Wp Coder

Rising and Scattering Rays:

Scattering and dispersing effect of colors on a website makes proves that human cretivity is unlimited and keeps on coming up with several innovations.

Fantasy Interactive (FI)

Smoky Effect:

I am sure you don’t get to see many websites with the smoky texture, but this year it has been appreciated a lot.

NOE Design

In my opinion these new styles added more liveliness and character to Web Designing. If you think I missed on any of the web trends, don’t forget to tell…until then Take Care!

Author Charlie B. Johnson

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  1. A u d e e On October 10th, 2008 at 8:54 am

    Hi Charlie,
    Wonderful showcase you have :)
    I think NDesign Studio has the same web design theme since it was launched for the first time. But, floral style theme is always loved by everyone.
    Btw, why you haven’t enable the email subscription on your Feedburner? I would love to have your blog updates by email too… All the best for you :)

  1. Joshua Parkhurst On February 2nd, 2012 at 10:09 am

    Some great samples. It’s now 2012 and the trends have certainly changed though many of the designs listed still hold up pretty well. Amazing how many of those businesses have changed their branding image.

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