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Here I am with the 5th post of the "wednesday design share" However, before you start enjoying the compilation I want to inform you about an upcoming feature of this section. As I mentioned earlier that in this section I aim to get the right exposure for new design blogs. Although, the compilation consist of top blogs too but now I want you all to drop links of new blogs.

Soon you will see a "Submit News" box in every Design Share where you have to drop interesting design links from net, regardless the succcess of the blog.

Let’s hope it works well for you all and for GDB both. For now, let’s begin to enjoy the links

1 ) Ultimate Paisley Showcase – Examples, Inspiration and Resources:
I have always been a big admirer of paisley designs. Here are plentiful beautiful examples of Paisley on the web that I could find and have showcased them here.

2 ) Showcase of Professional Looking Website Designs
When it comes to corporate website design you need to take care about many things which include simplicity, readability, presentation and accessibility. Here, you’ll find variety of highly-inspirational, beautiful and most importantly professional looking designs


3 ) 10 Outstanding Corporate WordPress Themes for Freelancers and Small Business Owners

We know there are quite a few freelancers and small business owners out there and this one is for them 100%. We selected the most customizable, good looking, sexy, sleek, affordable, and fresh themes on the market.


4 ) Small Business Owners should have a corporate logo : The Smart “WHYS”

It’s all simple and clear…if you want to achieve the above mentioned targets and want to be among successful business owners, you have to get a professional corporate logo. Here are the smart “WHYS” to get an appealing corporate logo.

5 ) 21 Selective color desaturation with creative…(Photo collections)
We present Selective colors of desaturation photos … Hopefully; these beautiful photos will inspire you to create beautiful artwork, Web designs, graphics, wallpaper, illustrations etc


6 ) 45 Horrifying Photoshop Tutorials for Halloween Season

Learn to manipulate images using Photoshop and use various textures to get the effect you want using the tutorial listed here. Have a horrendous browsing!


7 ) Ultimate Collection of Fire Effect Tutorials, Brushes and Textures

 We’ve collected several unique Fire Effect Tutorials, Brushes and Textures that you can use for your own designs.


8 ) Unusual and Innovative Product Designs>

A successful, profitable product starts with a good idea. Burak Kaynak, from Amsterdam, is an expert for it. He is a Creative Director, Brand Manager, and Project Manager in a wide variety of advertising products and applications.


9 ) 6 Characteristics of Great Logo Design

Being fans of logos like we are here at FYC, we wanted to do a post that served as a bit of a heads-up to the n00bs and a bit of an important reminder for those of us who have been in the game for a few.


10 ) Easy Way How To Create Forsaken Street Photo Manipulation

You’ll learn here how to combine different photos together, add water in perspective, colorize your artwork to make it look good and realistic and much more.


11 ) 25 Examples of Clean and Well designed Web Sites

These are examples of clean well structured sites, this maybe a unique layout or just simply presented well with some good typography, spacing or initial first impression of the sites.


12 ) 50+ Extravagant Traings about Vector Graphics

This is powerful tool for vector illustration graphics which can use for web pages and print media designs.

13 ) Breath Taking Digital Art by Phil McDarby
Just mastering any one program is hard enough but being able to go from 3d software to photography and then kill it in Photoshop is not possible for most. Well, not unless you are Phil McDarby.


14 ) 15 Great HDR Wallpapers of Various Vehicles

Blaberize is a wallpaper blog that features tons of high-quality and the best desktop wallpaper you will ever see online.

15 ) 40 Incredible Digital Painting Portraits
As I’m browsing through portfolios on sites like devianART, some of the work that amazes me the most are the digital paintings and portraits of highly-skilled artists. In this post we’ll feature 40 outstanding examples.


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    Keep up the good work :)

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