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Our friends, relatives, teachers all play different roles in our lives. They support and prop us up all the time. When they compliment on any habit, they mean it from heart. Some come and hug us, some smile, some say good things about us.  They do not say it unnecessarily.

And what is our feeling? How do we react? Either we reach cloud 9 or suspect the other person’s intentions and honesty. I have a strong feeling that we all have the latter view.

I agree that a possibility is there but things are not always this way. Many times people really adore us from the heart, enjoy our company and wish us success genuinely. If people applaud us for something, it is not merely because they have negative thoughts about us. In fact, they love and want us to be successful. They think that we should explore our capacities, our capabilities, our strengths and move ahead at all times.


• Graphic Design Blog Knows What You Are Worth

On our “GraphicDesignBlog”, you would get every chance to be recognized among all. Your skills will not only be polished but they would be appreciated; not because of hatred or self benefit, but because you are worth it. You will see and experience the different and the best. GDB will make sure that your capabilities are not wasted; in fact they are constantly polished to make you a better author. Today, we are known, not only by the name but our exceptional work as well. Our limits go beyond state borders. Where ever you are, we will make sure that your ideas are posted and appreciated by the world.  Explore yourself today and come to us because GDB is a platform where your words are not just taken but heard.

We strongly believe and feel that writers should be appreciated and supported. They should be given a medium where they could come and write. They should be allowed to explore design in whatever way they wish.


• A Word on Writing – The Best Medium

Writing is the best form by which things could be remembered. Through writing you can remain in people’s minds and hearts forever. Whether you are a novel or story writer, poem or script writer, blogger or journal publisher, your words are preserved. Years pass by but written words never change. Generations come and go, they read and benefit, take inspiration and adore; and they marvel at the talent of a man from the past.

It is said that one could fight through words and it is more effective way than weapons. This is because words remain forever and one can keep on giving a message till eternity whereas through weapon this is not possible.

So whats the idea behind it

The idea is that you should embrace your writing. Value it so that others could do the same. Follow your heart, focus and then write. Think that you have an ocean of words and you are always filled to the notch.

I remember, I was passing by a bridge on the river and there on one wall I saw written,

“The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.

Ponder the meaning of this sentence and you will understand a writer’s value. It’s just the same as having a doctor using skills to figure out what illness a person has. A writer has the skills to say things differently. He has the best words and the best expressions so that others can understand him properly.


• GDB Values YOU and YOUR Words

Here you will have the opportunity for not just playing with your words but you can write guest posts, post tutorials, initiate ideas, present infographics and eventually be a part of GDB team.


• Our Relation with You

We have a firm belief that our relationship with you will go a long way. We will make sure that your goals are achieved. We think that our blog is a perfect match for you. We think our resources will definitely benefit you.

Sit in peace. Relax your mind and let GDB do the rest.

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” 


  1. Paper Acrobat On July 2nd, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    Great idea - just wish I had the time!

  1. Charlie B. Johnson On July 3rd, 2013 at 6:33 am

    Hello Paper Acrobat, if you find this idea great then you will definitely make time for it. ;)

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