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Snatch Customers From Competitors

Be a mean monkey. If you could guess what I mean here, ah… this whole idea fascinates me. Now I am having devil horns… HAHA!

Snatching clients is not a fun game. You cannot just go around and ask someone, “Can you buy things from me instead of him?” You would end up getting a slap or talking in the real world, your reputation would worsen.

Snatching things in reality is bad but when it comes to business, it is one of the basic strategies to acquire new clients. What I mean is that everyone gets a fair chance of using their skills and abilities to survive in the market and many a times, you just have to be cheeky in order to do so.

Being a graphic designer, it would be your task to have many customers come to you. Whether you are able to tackle them or not, that is another story. But your clients are your way to success, so you need to be clever and keep eyes open to compete with others. So what are some really good ways to have clients be in your pockets instead of your competitor’s? Ah, I can see you grinning.


• Know Every Designer

Knowing your competitors is very important. If you do not know where the clients are going instead of coming to you, your plan will not work. Designers could be of different types like the freelancers, design firms etc. Know for sure all the competitors that exist in the design market and then proceed with your strategies.


• Reasons – Why Are They Successful?

It is very important to know the reason why competitors are being successful instead of you. Maybe they are implementing ideas perfectly that the clients tell them. Maybe your work is not as expected by the clients. May be your clients need some leniency in the payment options or desire a discount; things which are not offered by you. All these things are worth millions in the long run. They are in fact a very important reason why some businesses fail.


• Eavesdrop Secretly

Have you attended parties where every graphic designer is invited? No? Why not? I am telling you, it is very important to go attend these parties, know why? It is because everyone would be talking who does what and how one does it. You can eavesdrop and listen to what others are saying about other designers. Hear gossips from everyone. When you have an idea of your competitors’ strength and weakness, you can possibly beat him/her quickly.


• Their Weaknesses, Your Strength!

To elaborate “identifying weaknesses” point is very important. Suppose your competitor is only working on static websites and at some point in time, he has suffered because of it. Note this weakness and think. How much will your client be willing to buy your design if you build a CMS website? The idea is to take out weaknesses from the other side and convert them to your strengths.


• Are You Different From Them?

Be the only guy in town to know something. Think of a scenario when a problem relating theft occurs and there is only one BIG BOSS. Who would everyone turn to in this situation? Of course, that person who is expert with catching thieves. The same condition applies here. You have to make yourself different in some way or the other. Make yourself feel important.


• Specialize in a Niche

You can be an expert of designing a particular niche. This is the same thing as specializing in something. For instance, you could turn into an expert of designing business cards. Next time, when a person comes in search of a person who could design amazing business cards, it will be you on the list. Everyone would be like, “I know a person from town who designs business cards”. This will be enough to keep you ahead of your competitors.


• Play Fair and Care For Your Clients

Tackle clients with a nice behavior. Let them know that they are important and you feel their pain. These little things count. When a client comes to you next time, make sure to note the slightest thing he or she does and treat accordingly. Respond to their requests, always pick the phone and talk, complete the project on time and give them importance. All these things will turn your clients into regular customers!


How would you like to rank this post? Do you think it is helpful? Do give your opinion. By the way, snatch with a style. ;)


  1. Ginger Marks On June 18th, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    The basic rule is always provide the best service, treat every client the way you would want to be treated and you will always come out on top!

  1. Brian On June 24th, 2013 at 1:22 am

    This was an average, poorly written article.

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