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Work Affects Graphic Designers Lifestyle

If we compare any regular 9-5 job with a graphic designer’s job then many differences will be seen. Designer’s job does not have a particular time like all other jobs. In fact, a designer can give time to work whenever he/she likes. But this work has to be given more attention than any other job as it involves creativity as well a great set of mind skills.  Moreover, working with colors and graphics is not a piece of cake and he/she have to train well to become a professional.

The biggest issue designers have is of time. As said earlier, there is no time limit, a designer can work in the night, stay awake all the time like an owl or sleep at a time when the world’s awake, and vice versa. Moreover, a designer’s job timings are not of a regular 8 hour job. In it, the more time is given, the more he/she can earn.

For all these reasons, the lifestyle of a graphic designer is completely disturbed. The work and life are both different ends and can never go along with each other. A designer might not realize it but his/her life could be negatively affected by work.


Family Life is disturbed

Family Life is disturbed
The foremost affect is on the family. Who does not want to live a comfortable life with wife and children? Designers are so per-occupied in their work that they stop paying attention to their close relations. Wife is one with whom things are shared; children demand love and time which designers are not able to give. This is because they do not get time for it. Many times the work’s deadlines are hovering on their heads and all they can think about is their client and their design. Kids, parents and wife are left behind.

Disputes between Husband and Wife

Disputes between Husband and Wife

Then another serious impact of this problem is on relations. There could be a distance between designer and his/her children. Disputes between husband and wife can occur resulting in more family fights. These fights could end up in a divorce!


Social Life/Gathering is disturbed

Social Life/Gathering is disturbed

A designer is also not able to join the family in shopping, picnics, family occasions, festivals, holidays etc. This is because the designer has many tasks left to be completed. Thus, the life becomes boring. There isn’t any enjoyment. The mind becomes compact and rusted sitting at home. It could be disastrous for work. It is very essential for designers to keep travelling and going to different places because they have to come up with different ideas. Without these, their creativity would diminish.


No Time for Loved Ones

No Time for Loved Ones

Even if a designer has taken out time from his hectic schedule to take his date for watching a movie (pressure from his girlfriend), he might take a laptop or IPhone with him and be occupied in work, finding new design concepts. The girl would want to break his nose just then!


Graphic designer’s time = No time

Graphic designer’s time = No time

Many times, the designer does not take out time in the first place and even if he does, his would talk about clients, graphic design, due dates etc. His valentine would be expecting something romantic but instead she would get to listen to the most boring talks ever. :p


Worry about Clients more

Worry about Clients more

It is many times more important for graphic designers to listen to their clients rather than worry for the family. They might be sacrificing their family time for clients and everything that matters to them is their clients work. This would negatively affect his family relations.


Health is disturbed

Lifestyle is also affected because a graphic designer only think, only dreams, only talk about his design work and about clients and forgets his health. He forgets taking meals on time. He forgets to exercise. When food is not eaten properly, health can deteriorate. On the other hand, when he will not exercise and continue doing work all the time, this will make him lazy and chubby at the same time.


  1. Tina On July 18th, 2013 at 7:30 am

    Lovely and funny article - so true!

  1. Vikki B On July 26th, 2013 at 7:54 am

    This article is RIDICULOUS!!!

    Apart from the presumption that all graphic designers are men (apart from the token ‘he-slash-she’ at the beginning, the whole article assumes men are the only people who are designers) the content is a load of rubbish! I am a FEMALE graphic designer (yes we do exist…) and whilst my job is certainly something I give my all to, my life is not suffering because of my job and i may have to work to odd extra hours but no more than my other non-designer friends!!

    My marriage/health/family and social life are in no way detrimentally affected and the person who wrote this article is clearly not a designer - the whole things sounds like a massive cliche to me (and the graphics used in this article are appalling, no graphic designer worth their salt would ever associate themselves with them). If anyone finds their job (not just designers) affecting their lives like the above, you seriously need to try another agency.

    I never normally bother commenting on anything but was so outraged/amused by this piece of nonsense I couldn’t resist. Now I’ll get back to my enjoyable, fulfilling job, thank you! ;-P

  1. Anon On July 27th, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    This article is ridiculous. This is the life of a workaholic in most professions, not graphic designers in general.

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